Little help from my friends

Confession.  When I first decided to give this writing thing a chance, I really thought that no one out there (besides August and Brent) would support me in my decision.  I figured my parents would tell me how irresponsible I was for quitting a perfectly good job with good benefits, and a great salary.  I figured my friends would think I was completely insane, and my sister, well, I wasn’t sure what to expect from her, but not support.  I was almost right on all three counts.

My parents’ reaction to my two weeks notice was literally “interesting”.  My sister has yet to acknowledge that I’m no longer working and taking care of my son full-time while trying to pursue a career in writing.  But my friends, wow, my friends, well they’ve all been incredible.  Every single one of you out there has all but given me a “atta girl” and a slap on the ass.  I apologize to each and every one of you for not having more faith in you, and for not knowing that you would believe in me.  Even if you are lying to me when you say you “like” a post, I appreciate the lies.  I feel touched to the point of a slight tug at my heart-strings with every kind word you have said.  Even though I’ve merely begun my journey, I owe you, so before I forget,  thank you.

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