Jim Hensen where are you?

I’ve been to several different children’s group activities, and I swear the people who lead the activities are weirdos, not natural with kids, and most likely don’t have their own?  What’s up with that?

The person leading our gymnastics class, although obviously trained in gymnastics with children, hardly ever smiles unless it’s forced, doesn’t take initiative to interact with the children, and wears a weird turbine on her head that’s about a foot tall (and it doesn’t seem to be for religious or cultural reasons).  We’ve now been to “story time” twice at our local library.  The woman who normally leads that also doesn’t really smile, doesn’t make eye contact with the kids, and isn’t terribly interesting to listen to.  Then today there was a “special guest” at story time.  It was a lady who does this thing called “Music together”.  I’ve heard a lot about this, and I’ve often thought about trying it out because August LOVES music, singing, etc.  Well, I’m fairly certain after today, we won’t be trying that for a while.

The woman from “Music together” gets up with her guitar and the second, and I mean the very first second, she strums on it a kid in the front row breaks out in tears. She played her guitar so abruptly she scared the shit out of the poor thing.  Then she didn’t bring enough “egg shakers” or “wrist bells” for all children.  As my father in-law likes to say, “That went off like a fart in church”.  Next she starts singing these songs with facial expressions so creepy that by the end of the first song August was hanging on to me for dear life and and hiding behind my leg.  It was hilarious.  I was actually laughing my ass off at all of this, so at least I was entertained.  By the end of the fourth song, and only twenty minutes in, August was literally begging me to leave.

Oh well, I had fun anyhow.  But again, why are these the people running the kids shows?  Where’s Jim Henson when you need him?

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