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Happy New Year’s

December 31, 2011

I’m not sure what’s worse, New Year’s or Valentine’s Day.  Both kinda suck in their own ways.  Both holidays put a lot of pressure on a single person to find a date, or a really good group of friends.  Both put pressure on a new couple to do something amazing that the other will never forget.  Both put pressure on a married couple to appear as if they’re not old or boring and that they are still madly in love.  Both are impossible for dinner and brunch reservations.  Lastly, both may at some point be really great, or amazing even, but might not quite live up to expectation.   (more…)

A rose by any other name…

December 29, 2011

It finally happened, and he hasn’t even entered preschool yet.  August got made fun of for his name yesterday.  Albeit, the person who teased him was not being malicious, merely trying to be funny and make a joke.  Unfortunately when you’re (and by “you’re”, I mean me, not August) already sensitive about something, a small joke is never funny. (more…)


December 24, 2011

For what seems like a long time (can’t be too long, though, he’s only two), my son has been playing “kitchen” in a small corner of our living room.  He uses an end table as the stove/oven, the armrests of the sofa as his counter, and the window as his “drive through window”.  It’s really a lot of fun for both of us.  I sit on the couch and order the “pizza of the day”, “beverage of the day”, he cooks and serves it to me. Some days I get “grilled cheese sauce pizza and fizzy water”.  Some days I get “red pepper sauce pizza and milk”, and other days I get “ice cream pizza and water” (this is my favorite, but I can’t figure out which days to go to make sure I get it!). (more…)

Religion and children

December 21, 2011

You know what’s hard?  Raising a child in a world full of religion, and even more so in a world full of multiple religions, and beyond that in a world where people feel strongly about religion.  How does that saying go, “Never talk about politics or religion”?  I wish I could apply this phrase to my child.  I wish I never had to talk about religion or politics with August, but alas, one grandmother sent a Menorah and the other sent a nativity scene this year, and he’s only two.  Grmph. (more…)

Customer Service

December 20, 2011

With all of our advances in technology one of the things I appreciate, and miss, is a live customer service person when I call a company or a store.  Lately I have had to make ALOT of phone calls to different companies and stores looking for various products.  As an example, August has us searching the country for Hershey’s Candy Cane kisses.  We have visited several grocery stores, candy stores, and drug stores looking for them only to strike out everywhere.  Finally, we went to the Hershey’s website, and although they show a picture on their website, you can’t buy them directly.  (As a side note, we’re looking for them because August wants to make Choco Mint Blossoms out of our 100 cookies magazine we bought several weeks ago.  Far be it for me to say “No” when he makes such an eloquent request.) So I sent an email to Hershey explaining our problem and asking them for advice on where I can buy them.  Then today, after not getting back a response, I thought I would call them.  I was thankful to find out how easy it was to get a live person to speak with.  However, they couldn’t help me.  They could only suggest that we look at Target or Wal*Mart (neither of which are in SF, and since we don’t own a car these options are out for us).  But hey, at least I got to speak with someone. (more…)

Holiday Parties

December 18, 2011

We did it.  For the first time, I think, in two plus years Brent and I went out on Friday AND Saturday night.  In preparation for this weekend, August and I held interviews for a new babysit that was up for the task.  (Our favorite babysit has raised her prices and we just felt like we should have a backup babysitter as well) We interviewed four girls, excuse me, ladies in six days. I’ll tell you interviewing babysitters is quite interesting.  It’s also different what you need as a mom of a toddler vs. a mom of a six-month old. Although we’re mostly looking for someone to just sit in our house while August sleeps, ideally I wanted to find someone who could come over and play with August during the day as well.  Tough to find as it turns out. (more…)

Our first play date

December 16, 2011

We had our first play date with a little girl (a cougar, actually) who’s almost three years old and her mom.  We took them to the Academy of Sciences as our guests.  The little girl is quite shy, and although we’ve had gymnastics class with her for twelve weeks now, I never once heard her speak until today.  The two of them were incredibly cute together.  August was a perfect gentleman. (more…)

Crying it Out

December 14, 2011

A friend of mine posted an article on Facebook today about the detriments to a baby if you let them “Cry it Out”, according to Psychology Today magazine.  When August was born, I couldn’t imagine letting him cry even for a second without trying to tend to his needs.  This is actually saying a lot considering I felt a little distant and removed when he was first-born.  I wouldn’t go so far as to call it “Post-pregnancy whatevers”, but I was sort of feeling my way towards a connection with him.  A connection with August didn’t automatically happen for me just because he came out of my body.  I needed to build one.   (more…)

Careful what you wish for!

December 9, 2011

Yep, that’s exactly what I was thinking this morning as I lay in bed at 6:47am wondering when August was going to wake up, and then whether he would not nap for the third day in a row.  Here I was just a few short four weeks ago complaining about August waking us up at 5am, then 5:30am, then he stuck to 6am for a while.  But on each one of those days he had one hell of a nap.  His naps sometimes lasted so long that I felt guilty about how simple my day had been.  After I did some quick calculations, he was only my sole responsibility for about 4 – 5 hours each day.  He was napping for at least two hours, sometimes even three. (more…)

Potty Training

December 7, 2011

In case you’re new here, we have a two-year-old little boy.  Besides many other things, there is one thing that seems to be fairly unique about my son, August.  The rumor is that little boys LOVE to pee on their parents starting from the moment they are brought home from the hospital until they have fully transitioned off diapers.  Not August.  In his two years of life, I believe he has only peed on me twice.  Is it just me, or is that weird?  I thought I would ask Brent about what his experience has been, and he too commented that he has been peed on extremely infrequently by August.   (more…)