Scaredy Cat

Below is an example of funny, but bad parenting…please do not try at home, could be dangerous to your image as a parent long-term. 

Today August and I went to the Academy.  We popped by the cockroaches and said our usual “ewww, yucky!”.  Next we paid our respects to the missing turtles.  Apparently they are under observation because got cold from all the traffic to and from the reindeer over the holidays.  Had a quick fly by the giraffes to give them a little hug before running over to see Claude the Albino Alligator.  Once we were done with Claude, we took the elevator downstairs to see the fish.  Of course, we stopped by the jellyfish, because they are my favorite.  Then we decided to visit a part of the museum we don’t often visit.

Down a small dark path leads to a big circle in the wall with a hole in the middle. Above the hole it reads “Reach your hand in and touch”.  The hole was deep and dark, and I, for one, did not have the nerve to stick my hand inside.  Out loud I said to August, “Hmmm, not sure I want to reach my hand in there.” August replied with, “I want to reach my hand in”.  Selfishly, I thought, “Well, if he has the nerve to do it, great.  Then we can both find out what’s inside.”  I picked him up, he reached his hand in and some loud air noise blew.  I gasped, due to the shock of it.  August, of course, began to cry because it scared him.  It scared me too, obviously.

What a wimp I am.  I made my two-year-old try out something that I didn’t have the guts to do myself.  It took us about three minutes to get over this, and I apologized for my wimpiness.  Luckily, he graciously accepted my apology, but he wanted to go home after this.  Of course, I obliged, and all was forgotten after that.

Note to self: If you want to try something out, don’t make your two-year-old do it first.

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