Running towards the Finish Line

Last night when I was lying in bed, not sleeping, I was thinking about how many of my friends have done one of the following things in the past five years:

  1. run a marathon
  2. run a half marathon
  3. completed a triathlon
  4. signed up for a “tough mudder”

and I’m one of them.  I recently signed up for my first half marathon.  All this got me thinking, “Why do we sign up for these things? And why are we signing up for them now in our lives?”  Do people complete these kind of physical activities to prove that they can complete them?  Do people sign up for these races because their whole lives they’ve wanted to do this race but haven’t had the nerve to do so?  Or do people sign up for a race because there is something missing in their lives, and this fills the gap?

My mind started drifting more towards the latter.  I’m now wondering whether it is the unhappy people, or not completely satisfied people who tend towards these races?  I know a few people right now signed up for a race and they’ve admitted to signing up because they are a bit blue right now and need a goal.  Is this my reason?  Do I need a goal?  Is my life not completely fulfilled right now?  Hard to distance yourself that much from your own life to judge, but it’s possible.  I’ve been telling myself it’s because I hate the way I look in a bathing suit and I need a goal to get my legs back, but maybe it’s for another reason.

Why did you run that race?

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