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Today’s the day

March 7, 2012

In exactly seven hours we will be hopping on the red-eye to JFK from SFO with our two-year-old son.  I’m still trying to figure out if we’re geniuses or idiots.  I’ll guess I’ll let you know after tonight. Our decided strategy was to put August down for a very late nap (at 4pm) in the hopes that MAYBE (yeah, right) he’ll sleep until it’s time to leave for our flight.  We’ll see.  We decided worse case scenario he doesn’t nap and we’re no better off or worse than we would be had we put him down for a nap at lunch time. (more…)

Funny or Not?

March 1, 2012

A Mom walks into a bar and says, “I’m taking a red-eye with my two-year-old son…”.  Funny or not?  I’ll let you know next week, cause guess what folks, we’re doing it.  Brent is going on another business trip, so instead of letting him live it up like a bachelor, we found these incredible prices, and now August and I are going too.  But the catch is we have to take the red-eye. (more…)

A moment

July 11, 2011

Brent was kind enough to escort August and I to our gate today, and stayed with us while we waited for our plane to board.  Not soon after arriving at the gate, we discovered that our flight to San Francisco was delayed an hour due to fog.  Fog?  Seriously?  We’ve had over one hundred years of fog, and they can’t figure out how to land or take off in it?  Airlines will take off in snow, sleet, ice, rain, lightening, but fog, too risky?  Anyhow, it was at that moment that I lost it.  The pressure of flying home alone and spending the next three days alone with August suddenly welled me up with tears. Brent took August on a walk, while I had a few tears on a black leather chair next to the moving walkway.

It was really only a few tears, and I feel silly even admitting to it now.  But it happened, and maybe it was just what I needed to get through the day.  It seriously stresses me out thinking about being the sole provider of all entertainment 24/7.  Brent handles it so gracefully, and seemingly without fear, that sometimes there’s a bit more pressure because of it.  I was watching him this morning as he came up with idea after idea as to how to amuse August, and then says “We had fun”.  It is these moments that make me feel like I made a mistake.  Maybe Brent is better at taking care of August, and I should have just cut my losses rather than step up to the plate.

The flight was fine.  Tiring, of course, but fine.  It went by rather quickly in fact.  And we got our typical compliment on August’s behaviour.  I did feel a bit sorry for the lady behind us.  August is becoming quite the flirt, and he’ll chat up any woman who will let him talk about his car, or his book, or anything else that might be on his mind.  By the end of the flight, we had at least three ladies that we had to bid farewell to.

In the end, it’s too late for regrets, it’s done.  I’ve quit my job, and Brent has a new one. Now I just have to see how it all pans out.

Thank god for cereal

June 24, 2011

August and I took the most ideal plane trip with a toddler possible.  Our trip was a quick jaunt down to Orange County from San Francisco to visit my parents.  We arrived at the airport about an hour early.  We immediately went straight to our gate, and parked our stroller.  I allowed August to guide where we would walk.  He walked up and down several flights of stairs, because stairs are very cool if you’re not aware.  There was also a small person red table with five blue and green chair around it. August and I would go over to the table and “order lunch” consisting of yogurt, cheese, prunes, chocolate and cookies.  Oh, and we “drank marshmallows”. Personally, I would have skipped everything and gone straight for the chocolate and marshmallow drink, but i wasn’t in charge.  Then since we were flying Southwest, we got in line behind person A29 (we flew Southwest), and waited for our turn to board.  There were plenty of seats so August got his very own first window seat, and I sat in the middle. 

He was amazing.  We ate his dinner, we read Mr Tickle and Miss Giggles, we played hide and seek with his “Ducky”, and we giggled the whole way down.  I really had fun with him.  I even ordered a Diet Coke and got to drink it peacefully – no spills, no trying to take it away from me, nothing.  If that wasn’t enough to impress you, he sat in his seat buckled in for the last 35 minutes of the flight, eating cereal.  This was my tactic to get him to swallow during the decent, and it worked like a charm.  Nothing like a whole bowl of cereal to protect against blocked ears.  Once the ride was over, we were waiting to get off the plane.  A woman behind us, who August was making at eyes at the whole ride (sometimes I question his taste in women, but maybe that improves with age and wisdom), and she said “He was better behaved than most adults”.  “Thanks”, I said, with a smile and a giggle.  I was so proud of us.  Only our second solo flight, and we aced it.  I was only disappointed that they no longer give out wings.