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Customer Service

December 20, 2011

With all of our advances in technology one of the things I appreciate, and miss, is a live customer service person when I call a company or a store.  Lately I have had to make ALOT of phone calls to different companies and stores looking for various products.  As an example, August has us searching the country for Hershey’s Candy Cane kisses.  We have visited several grocery stores, candy stores, and drug stores looking for them only to strike out everywhere.  Finally, we went to the Hershey’s website, and although they show a picture on their website, you can’t buy them directly.  (As a side note, we’re looking for them because August wants to make Choco Mint Blossoms out of our 100 cookies magazine we bought several weeks ago.  Far be it for me to say “No” when he makes such an eloquent request.) So I sent an email to Hershey explaining our problem and asking them for advice on where I can buy them.  Then today, after not getting back a response, I thought I would call them.  I was thankful to find out how easy it was to get a live person to speak with.  However, they couldn’t help me.  They could only suggest that we look at Target or Wal*Mart (neither of which are in SF, and since we don’t own a car these options are out for us).  But hey, at least I got to speak with someone. (more…)