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February 21, 2012

I’ve decided that people who teach classes to toddlers should NEVER get substitutes.  Because here’s a little tidbit, they suck! ALWAYS!  Seriously, I’m not kidding, just cancel man, and give us a make-up. (more…)

Guilty pleasures

September 16, 2011

Sometimes I have a morning, or an afternoon that is so lovely I feel guilty about “getting” to be home with August.  This morning I decided, since I’ve been lame and didn’t run this week, that we’d go out for pancakes at one of my favorite neighborhood places.  August and I hopped on the train, sans stroller mind you which we NEVER do, took it a couple of stops, got off, walked around the corner to the restaurant and sat down.  After we ordered our flight of pancakes (including gingerbread, buttermilk, and cornmeal flavors), we talked about the other people in the restaurant, the kitchen, the skylight, and what other people were eating.  It was so nice.  Sure it wasn’t the most intellectual conversation ever, but who cares?  I mean who needs intellectual when you have someone sitting across the table smiling at you the whole time.  Our pancakes came, we shared them fair and square, paid our bill and then took a quick tour of the kitchen.  It was really nice, comfortable, and quite relaxed.  I felt incredibly guilty for how easy my job sometimes is.  Although to be fair, my old job was easy too, I just don’t think I did it as well.

This afternoon we’ll probably go to the library, after he hopefully naps (fingers crossed cause he’s not asleep yet at it’s 1:46pm), have dinner, and then Brent will be home.  Not too shabby for a Friday afternoon.