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A Guilty Pleasure

February 6, 2012

Yesterday I took advantage of August and Brent being out of the house to go for a long (embarrassingly in this case, “long” = 4.5 miles) run.  For the first time ever I decided to give Brent’s little Ipood (nope, not a typo, I prefer that spelling) a chance.  He already had a few music playlists on there, so I grabbed my headphones and headed out the door.  It was nice listening to music as I ran.  Last time I had gone for a run without August I was actually a little bored.  I had no one singing to me, no one to reading “I Spy” to me, and no one to ask me “What are you doing Mommy?” every five minutes.  So I welcomed the music as a distraction. (more…)

Turn down the music, yo

September 6, 2011

You know what really chafes my hide?  People who are walking/running while listening to their I-whatever so loudly then when you are coming behind them and you say, “Excuse me” they don’t hear you.  You get a little closer, and say it a bit louder, “Excuse me”.  Nothing.  Again, but this time you yell it, “EXCUUUSE MEEEE”.  Finally they turn around as if nothing’s happened, say their empty apologies, and step aside. (more…)