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Writing class

July 23, 2011

On Thursday we had to talk about our “journals” we’ve been keeping during our course.  I’ve been assuming that this blog is my journal, so I went in and talked about it.  The teacher asked all sorts of questions about our process, what time of day we write, what struggles and successes we’ve had, what types of things we write about, and how often we’re writing.  Her first question, however, was what do you write on : a book, a computer, scraps of paper, etc?  When it came to be my turn to share, I said that I write my journal as a blog.  I suppose I should have realized this would make the conversation a little different from everyone else in the class, but it never occurred to me.  I thought we were just going to share some excerpts from our journal, not talk about our actual journals. I’m the only one with a blog (or I’m the only one who admitted to having one) besides the teacher.  Because of this, the conversation got a bit derailed. We discussed things like who reads my blog, what do I talk about, how am I applying what I learn in class, do I do the “try this” exercises on this blog, etc?  At the end of the conversation she asked for my website address.  Suddenly talking about my journal wasn’t so easy.  My immediate thought was “Okay, as soon as I get home I must double-check my posts and make sure I didn’t say anything bad about anyone in class”.   I didn’t think so, but I wanted to make sure.  You never know what one little rant can turn into. (more…)

Sharing is caring, right?

July 13, 2011

Today I realized that I, in fact, need to learn how to share.  I must not have ever learned that skill as the youngest daughter of two.  Coincidentally, August is a pretty good sharer – he’ll offer up his shovel to the first person who will acknowledge him when he tells that it’s a “yellow shovel”, and it’s all over after that.  Me, on the other hand, you gotta work a little harder than that.  I always suspected that I might not be good at sharing, but today pretty much sealed the deal. (more…)

Baby Boot camp: Day 1

July 12, 2011

Our first day went pretty well, actually.  I did more than survive in fact.  I thought for sure he was going to wake up at 5am, like he did the past two mornings in Colorado, but to my surprise he woke up at 6:23am, reasonable, I thought.  Disgusting how 6:23am becomes reasonable once you have a child.  We had some breakfast, took a shower together, and got ready for our 9am doctor’s appointment (nothing major, he has a rash on his feet).  After the doctor’s office we headed straight to the Academy of Sciences, since we hadn’t been in a week.  In fact it had been so long that August forgot where the penguins were located.  We headed for the “Explorer’s Cove” and spent the rest of our morning there until going out for lunch.  After lunch we had a marathon nap of almost three hours long, and spent the rest of our day walking around the neighborhood until bedtime. (more…)


March 8, 2011

When in-laws come to visit, it usually stirs up something, and it’s different for everyone.  For me it’s sharing.  I was brought up in a small family of non-sharers, and on top of that, I’m the baby, so I never had to share.  My husband comes from a big family with two siblings, seven cousins, and now three nieces.  With such a large family it makes sense that they would share so much.  I, on the other hand, come from a family of four with only one sister, and two cousins.  The only time my sister shared anything with me was when I took it from her. (more…)